JVZoo Review and How It Works

If you still don’t know what JVZoo is, JVZoo is a site that is useful for buying and selling digital products including e-books, site or blog templates, and software (including plugins like WordPress, Joomla, etc.). JVZoo has many advantages compared to other similar sites. With the tagline “Instant Affiliate Platform”, it is clear that JVZoo has an instant and easy system. In the matter of selling products, vendors (product sellers) can directly sell their products through JVZoo without much difficulty. According to JVZoo review, usually on another site like Clickbank, vendors have difficulty selling their products due to product reviews that are too tight which makes it very difficult to sell products there, plus the cost of selling products is about 49.9 USD. Not so with JVZoo, JVZoo review said that it is because the vendors in JVZoo are easier to sell their products. The cost of listing products is calculated as 15 USD or 5% of total sales. And the most profitable is the fee can be withdrawn only after sales, so vendors do not need to pay the fee first like other sites.

Payment System

A lot of JVZoo review said that the advantages in terms of payment systems in JVZoo that it can use Paypal and the seller will be paid directly after a buyer pays via Paypal. So when the buyer has made a payment, the payment money goes directly to the seller after the fee is deducted by JVZoo itself and Paypal in a small amount. While the affiliate can also be directly able to get his commission if there is purchase through affiliated links. But for vendors, there is also an option to hold the affiliate commission before the product warranty period has passed, this is to avoid cheating that might be done by the affiliate who is trying to get a commission but the buyer submits a refund within the guarantee period.

There are two choices for you who intend to join JVZoo, to be a seller or an affiliate. Seller is someone who sells products through JVZoo, meanwhile, the affiliate is someone who sells goods offered by the seller and gets certain commissions depending on the seller’s policy (on average 30-50% of product price). So which one that you can choose to be? According to the JVZoo review, you can be both. Both sellers and/or affiliates have both advantages and lacks. If you want to be a seller, you need to have the products. But if you want to be an affiliate, you need to have the skill to promote the products really well that can lead the buyers to buy the products. So, choose the position that suits yourself really well and good luck!