Bromo Tour Package for 2 People

Bromo is one of the most beautiful mountains in East Java and even Indonesia. No wonder, Bromo is always visited by both local and foreign tourists. Hundreds or even thousands of tourists always come to Bromo every year. If you want to go to Bromo, there’s no need to invite too many friends. You can just go with only 2 to 6 people, then you can go to Bromo even at a low cost. For example, you can choose the 2 people bromo tour package from a traveling agency so you can go to Bromo with a special price.

Bromo Tour Package for 2 People

Bromo tour package for 2 to 6 people is suitable for your long holiday. With 3 days and 2 nights, you will definitely be satisfied with your adventure in Mount Bromo and its surroundings. With this Bromo tour package, you only need to think about the cost of lodging and your meals, and for the rest, you leave it to us the travel agencies.

  1. First day of 3 days and 2 nights of Bromo tour package
    On the first day, the Bromo tour package for 2 people starts from the morning where you will be picked up by the travel agencies. Before starting the trip, you will be invited to lunch at a local restaurant. Then, you can go straight to the first trip, which is to Jawa Timur Park 2 from afternoon to evening. After that, you will be taken to check into the hotel to take a rest.
  2. The second day of 3 days and 2 nights of Bromo tour package
    On the second day, the Bromo tour package starts at midnight and you will be picked up by the crew. Then, you will immediately be taken to the Bromo Cemoro Lawang or Wonokirti post. After that, it’s time to travel to the top of Penanjakan 1 to see and enjoy the sunrise using a Jeep. After enjoying the sunrise, the next trip is to the Teletubbies hill or Padang Savana. Then, the journey continues to Pasir Berbisik and then heading to Bromo Crater. For the afternoon, you can take a rest at the hotel.

Still, on the second day, the Bromo tour package continued to Coban Rondo waterfall and Museum Angkut in the afternoon. Then, in the evening you will be invited to visit the Batu Night Spectacular. You can enjoy the glitter of the night in Batu Malang before taking a break after getting tired of walking all day. Make sure you have enough rest time because the next day you will continue the trip on the third day before going home.

  1. The third day of 3 days and 2 nights of Bromo tour package
    On the third day of the Bromo tour package, you will be picked up by the crew around 8 AM, as well as checking out of the hotel because after the tour ends, you will immediately return to your respective cities. The first agenda is to go to the Malang City Tour and shopping for souvenirs in Malang. You can buy various foods and knick-knacks typical of Malang. During the day, you will be escorted to the airport or station before you continue your journey back to your home.

That is the rundown of the Bromo tour package for 2 people which lasts 3 days 2 nights. The schedule above is flexible so that it can adjust conditions in the field.

Tips for Choosing a Bromo Tour Package

Who does not know the beauty of this one tourist attraction in East Java? Bromo is one of the most favorite destinations in East Java, especially in Malang. Mount Bromo is an active volcano located on the border of Lumajang, Malang, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo. A volcano which has an altitude of 2392 mdpl is very fascinating for anyone who comes and visits it, coupled with the support of several tourist attractions around it, making this mountain a unique and cool tourist spot.
In East Java, there are many tourist attractions that can satisfy your holiday needs. There are a variety of the best, unique, and interesting tourist spots so it is not wrong if it is a favorite location for traveling. However, many people say Mount Bromo is an icon of the city, so don’t miss this destination if you visit Malang. If you have set Mount Bromo as your destination, it’s time to plan a fun but economical tour. Now there are many agents offering Bromo tour packages to accommodate your holiday, both for individuals/private tours, family tours, group tours, corporate packages, or join tours or open trips.

Tips for choosing a tour package

Using tour services such as the Bromo tour package is great, demand compared to taking care of everything yourself. Especially for those of you who have a busy routine, difficult to find free time in preparing for holiday needs. But now you don’t need to worry anymore, many tour service agent makes it easy for you. Moreover, there are now many Bromo tour packages that offer relatively cheap prices. Very practical, because you only need to bring your body and prepare the money to pay for it, no need to think about tickets, hotels, transportation, guides, restaurants, or places to shop for souvenirs. Here are some tips for choosing the Bromo tour package:

  1. Prioritizing service
    Choose a Bromo tour package that offers good service, such as being able to explain vacation plans and administrative issues clearly.
  2. Collect information via the internet
    You can find information in various travel forums or online magazines which often make competition for tour package prizes. You can use this opportunity and also find out other tourists related information
  3. Take advantage of promos
    Usually, there are many Bromo tour packages that provide promos or discounts for those who choose tour packages for a large number of people. You can use this, as well as being able to invite friends or family together to enjoy a pleasant holiday.

Those are the tips for choosing promo tour package as your reference.

Mount Bromo Tour Package and location offer

There is no doubt about the natural beauty offer by Mount Bromo and the places around it that have a beautiful views too. Starting from natural treats that are rarely found in other places, to treat nature that is attractive but more beautiful if enjoy on Mount Bromo. Technological and information progress has also made many offers on behalf of the Mount Bromo Tour Package. The reaction of some people is just normal and chooses to visit without the rules of time and without other standard rules. But the other thing is with some other people who are indeed enthusiastic when the offers from the Mount Bromo Tour Package come.

Offers from the Mount Bromo Tour Package are usually not far away from Mount Bromo Tour, which has already hit or which is commonly visited by many local and international tourists. Some places that have more appeal, among others, are Gunung Pananjakan 1 there where you can enjoy the beauty of a beautiful landscape. Even referred to as the place to enjoy the best sunrise. Mount Pananjakan 2 is very appropriate if you want to enjoy the scenery between mountains and a combination of clouds and sunrise. Mount Pananjakan 2 is an alternative place if Mount Pananjakan is 1 full of the visitor.

In addition to these two places there are still other places offer by Mount Bromo Tour Package, namely Viewpoint oxygen, Love Hill, Kingkong Hill, Bromo Crater, Sand Ocean, Madakaripura Waterfall, Luhur Poten Tengger Temple, Padang Savana Grass, Pasir berbisik, Teletubbies Hill , Bono milky way, Batu lion, Night tour, Mount Batok, enjoy traditional pickles such as various kinds of ceremonies and dances (such as the tengger tribe ceremony, Casado ceremony, Karo ceremony), Rafting Songa on the Parkland river, ngadas tourist village, waterfall Pelangi, ranu regulo, ranu kumbolo, Gunung semeru and other places that you might ask yourself specifically for groups.

Cheap Mount Bromo Tour Package also usually offers a complete place. Starting from one sunrise witnessing place, one water ride place, one event witnessing place or traditional appearance, and one place offer is usually in accordance with the group’s own request. The Mount Bromo Tour Package also includes a shuttle to the requested location and includes the price of transportation used during the vacation. Some agents of Mount Bromo Tour Package make offered with the breakfast and dinner. But you can take it or not.

Make Your Trip Easier with Bromo Tour Package Service

What do you do when you feel tired, stressed, and exhausted from your daily work? Many people choose to take a vacation. But, taking a vacation cannot be done at any time as we want it, especially for those of you who have jobs or those who are still students. Vacation allocation usually will be given on weekends or specific days. We also have to think about financial matters. Taking a vacation will undoubtedly be costly. Whether the cost is significant or not that must be spent depends on the holiday we are planning. The definition of vacation for everyone is different. Some consider vacationers do not need to spend money. They say its enough to spend the holiday at home and take up their spare time with activities that we enjoy can also be considered as a vacation. However, we always want to visit a new place that we have never visited. If it is true, then we must plan our vacation carefully.

After considering the budget for our vacation, we must also ensure the destination that we will visit to spend our holiday. Choose a vacation destination that you think you will enjoy so much when setting foot in that place for the first time. In Indonesia, you will find many tourist attractions that are already well known to foreign people from other countries. One of those is Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is a volcano located in East Java province. It has very charming beauty. Unlike most other mountains in Indonesia, you don’t have to go hiking. There is a vast expanse of sand in Mount Bromo that is often referred to as a sea of sand. In this sea of sand, visitors can get around in this vast area. There are two choices for those of you who want to get around this sea of sand. The first option is that you can ride a horse, and the second choice is that you can rent a jeep.

To make your holiday experience on Mount Bromo more fun, you can rent a Bromo tour package that you can usually find not only in Malang as the closest city to Mount Bromo, but also in other big cities such as Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, and Jakarta. The possibility of finding a travel agency in Jakarta that provides Bromo tour package is higher than in any other cities because Jakarta has been known as the main gate to Indonesia. By using the service of Bromo tour package, you don’t have to worry about your trip because the Bromo tour package has everything been taken care of, such as train trip or a road trip to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, a hotel or homestay, et cetera.